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 Ranks of K@N

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PostSubject: Ranks of K@N   21st April 2011, 9:07 am

Hello, you are probrely wondering by now what you are allowed to do in your current rank, you are able to the following in the ranks. Also be sure that nobody is above their rank. Make sure all members have read this page.


Recruit (RCT)
This rank is just normal. Is not permitted to invite any new members into the clan. Can play as long as member does not break the rules.

Private (PVT)
The is same as NRM, but is just ranked better.

Sergeant (SGT)
Can now ask for a subclan.

Major (MJR)
Major can invite new members, they can test. They must learn the procedure.

Captain (CPT):
The captain can invite, suggest for kicking someone. Provide help on the forum.

Colonel (COL, COL+:
Must be aware of all issues. Can add people into K@N, can Rank them up. Can not kick, has to suggest.

Lieutenant (LT/LT+)
They can test, invite. They must be aware of the rank updating, see Chris in game. He would be found on CIT RP most of the time, as [K@N~SC]Chris[Biker], he has not changed clans, its only for thats server.

General (GEN) and Vice General (VGEN):
Can do what ever they want with K@N.
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Ranks of K@N
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