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 About [K@N~CHC]

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General (GEN)

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PostSubject: About [K@N~CHC]   22nd June 2011, 7:05 am

K@N's CHC is dedicated to helping others, we hope that CHC will show dedication and show higher values for helping others. We help anyone. If you think about joining you need to have learnt alot about MTA, and the resources of popular servers.

Regards [K@N]Chris|GEN
General of K@N
The names Chris, Remember it, BOOM!
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PostSubject: Switching squad   31st July 2011, 10:46 pm

Would it be possibe for me to switch from AS to CHC? I havnt mention this squad and i would really like to join. You see, i like to help people. Im a born leader and helping people is in my package. Its the main reason fir that i was admin in CIT and still H.Moderator here. So i would love to join this squad. Since this isnt a buisy forum i hope that the AS leader will read the replies and could scrap me off his list if necesary.
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About [K@N~CHC]
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