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 Minecraft: RULES AND INFO

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PostSubject: Minecraft: RULES AND INFO   22nd June 2011, 8:55 am


Warnings if you dont follow rules here: 1st case = kill 2nd case= loss of op if you have one, 3rd case = kick, 4th case = ban.
1.DONT GREIF, Greifing is destroying thigs made by other people.
2.Respect all admins and new people.
3.Dont ask for op because you know you need to post an app.
4.No stealing others things unless they say you can take it.
5.No name stealing INSTANT BAN,
ID: [K@N]Minecraft
PASS: none leave blank

This is a free build/ Survival server, OPS need to be taken asap, And we need beginer buildings so Begin building now , then we will add more scripts and add mobs.

Regards [K@N]lukeb40|LT
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