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 Application For Sub Clan - RCR - Racer

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PostSubject: Application For Sub Clan - RCR - Racer   24th August 2011, 9:01 am

K@N ~ RCR is Open For Recruiting. Apply Over Here

Please answer in full sentences, we will look highly at that.
Use The Following Telmpate :

[/code] - Your ingame name:

- Are you good in race, explain:

- Have you ever hacked before:

- Will you respect all of our members:

- Do you agree the rules?[/code]

If you're accepted we will send a message in your inbox. Thank You...Very Happy

Reguards x[EGL]_x/i^Twisted|GEN:D

General Of [EGL] ([K@N]) Smile

"Dont Forget your skills!"
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Application For Sub Clan - RCR - Racer
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